Crooked City - In Pre Production

8 x 30 mins

A struggling young musician is plucked from Earth and offered fame and fortune on an alien planet. When he discovers that he is merely a pawn in a game of galactic domination he is faced with a difficult choice: achieve superstardom or start a revolution.

"James" Lead Voice Actor: James Priestner

Directed By: Lou Solis


Brittle Bones Nicky - In Pre Production

Movie / Mini-Series

Sharp-witted young Nicky is on a search for family and a safe haven, while being forced to navigate a broken social system with the help of his future dead self.

Directed by: Les Solis


Sadie and Andy - In Development

8 x 11 mins

A charming series for kids of all ages, Sadie and Andy is a parent's effort at soothing his children with the magic of storytelling.

Created and Directed by Lou Solis


Diversity Higher - In Development

8 x 11 mins

A workplace comedy about a service that matches children with their imaginary friends. Think "Pokemon" meets "The Office".

Created and Directed by Lou Solis


Happyland - In Development

6 x 30 mins

A crime series for adult fans of animation, featuring a diverse landscape and colorful cast of characters.

Created and Directed by Les Solis